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"Richardson’s Racing / Etnies Shoe Give Away Winners! "

These six winning entries will receive a free pair of Etnies shoes

Age: 28
Alton, Iowa
Reason: I started Rivers Edge motocross park in Alton, Iowa. It is a place for people to come and have fun riding their bikes and 4 wheelers with family and friends. I built this private track 3 years ago when i was racing snocross for training in the summer. After there was a lot of interest, I turned it in to a place for everyone to come and enjoy. I do all the maintenance on the ground from track building and grooming to mowing and everything else that has to be done, to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone. I do all of this when I get home from my everyday job as a heavy equipment operator for a masonry company. It takes a lot of my free time up, but I wouldn't change that for anything after see all the smiles on the kids and their parents faces. Motocross and Supercross is a big part of my life I enjoy helping the kids with riding and the parents with some advice on race. Thank you for your time to read this.

Age: 30
Mt. Dora, FL
Reason: because I would like to give my son some new shoes. he lives in Michigan with his mother and I like to give him presents every chance I get!! he loves Etnies and Brian Deegan, who is sponsored by both Etnies and Richardson’s.

Age: 16
Tioga, North Dakota
Reason: I think I should win the Etnies give away because I took the time to fill this out...but a guess every one else did to so I don’t know why I should...maybe CUZ I AM FRICKEN AWSOME!!!!
peace, love. and chicken grease

Age: 17
Mansfield, Ohio
Reason: The reason why I believe I should win this give away is because Etnies are my absolute favorite shoes to wear; they are very comfortable. But, at our mall they only carry big sizes for the boys so it is very hard to find any that fit me. I would order my size online but I do not have a credit card. So basically it is nearly impossible to get A hold of my favorite shoes.
Thank You!!

Age: 22
Moscow, ID
Reason: Because I just had a growth spurt at age 22 and I need a new pair of shoes.

Age: 37
Temecula, Ca.
Reason: Why should I win? I dunno... I have a great family that loves
to take desert trips in the Jayco Talon, I have my health (hang in there Logan),and a great job. Life is good....but...wouldn't it be cool to get some Richardson's / Etnies love?