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Adam Chatfield
Age: 20
Location: Menifee, CA
Years Pro: 3

2008 Plans:

  • West Coast Supercross Lites
  • Outdoors Motocross Class


  • Selected as Wonder Warthog Team Rider (2007 SX)
  • 11th place finish at Southwick (2007 MX)
  • 15th overall at High Point (2007 MX)
  • 10th place finish at San Francisco (2007 SX Lites)
  • 8th place finish Glen Helen (2006 MX)

All 2007 SX results accomplished while practicing on a Honda bike and racing on a Yamaha because Wonder Warthog didn’t supply practice bikes. Also my mechanic was a volunteer guy (not full time)

  • My goals for the 2008 SX Series is to make ever main and finish top ten at every race.
  • In the Outdoor series I believe I can accomplish 10th or better as well.

With the complete team program of Richardson’s and my drive to improve greatly, and the summer training at Villapoto’s house I should be able to put all of my sponsors in the spotlight regularly.


Michael Lapaglia
Age: 18
Location: Murrieta, CA
Years riding: 15


  • 24 amateur titles between Texas, World Mini, Mammoth, and Ponca City.
  • 2005 Loretta Lynn Champion,
  • 11th overall 2007 West Coast
    • Anaheim 1: 18th
    • Phoenix: 15th
    • Anaheim 2:14th
    • San Fran: 9th
    • Anaheim 3: 13th (crashed hard in practice and had a stage 1 concussion.
    • Texas: 20th (ran 6th for fourteen laps, had an ignition problem, my bike shut off and would not restart)
    • San Diego: 9th
    • Seattle: 7th
  • OUTDOORS- broken collarbone
    • Millville: 19-14 (Motocross Class)
    • Steel City: 15-DNF (crash)
    • Glen Helen: 11-DNS (due to pain
  • My goals for the 2008 SX Series is to pick up where I left off and keep improving from there which would be a top 5 or better.
  • I have same goals for the outdoor series on a 450. Start off the season 10th or better and keep improving week to week. I know I can.
  • Accomplish top five overall in both series is my REALISTIC goal for 2008